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    A 3 day film festival showing the best shorts and full length features of all genres and documentaries from the USA and around the world.
  • Good Business
    Good Business
    Posted by : Frank Dale Arroyo
    A charming, arrogant businessman, Grayson, dines with his ex-wife, Lucy, celebrating the sale of their company. Lucy’s mother, Grayson’s nemesis, surprises them at dinner ready for a fight. Lorraine takes the first moment she has alone with Grayson to accuse him of cheating her daughter out of money in the sale. An accusation that Grayson doesn’t refute, but he has some accusations of his ow...
    Posted by : Linda Pandolph
    Last Man Club is about WWII veteran, John "Eagle" Pennell, who is a day away from being sent to a retirement home. He escapes in his late wife's 1958 Ford Fairlane and embarks on a cross country journey to find the last surviving members of his B-17 crew with the help of a beautiful young accomplice. The fulfillment of an oath is Eagle's destiny, but what he discovers along the way is a life af...
  • Life Through a Lens
    Life Through a Lens
    Posted by : Jeffrey
    Life Through a Lens follows Robert’s journey with APBD and how he has chosen to face it. Robert’s hope is to empower those living with the challenges, physical and otherwise, brought on by APBD and all debilitating diseases, to know and harness optimism and possibility in life.
  • Manipulation
    Posted by : Mario Corry
    Short film 'Manipulation' a dramatic description about a day in the life of a family torn apart by prescription drug addiction. Filmed in Harlem and Newark New Jersey.
  • Freedom Lost
    Freedom Lost
    Posted by : Mischa Auzins
    Losing their parents in a tragic accident, the short lives of Kyle & Jess haven’t been easy. To prevent her younger brother from being taken by social services, Jess was forced to look after Kyle even though she couldn’t look after herself. Finding solace in Max, an older man, Jess feels the security that he offers to Kyle far outweighs her needs or safety. This is until Kyle, who can see what...
    Posted by : Travis Johnson
    After Dana (ALEJANDRA SORZANO) is brutally raped, she enlists the assistance of her husband Jason (PATRICK DALY) to track the suspect down herself.
  • Hiccup
    Posted by : Gerald Lepkowski
    A good samaritan tries to help someone with hiccups, with dire consequences.
    Posted by : Alexandra Isles
    Harry Shunk, an internationally famous photographer, had become a reclusive hoarder rarely leaving his apartment in Westbeth, the West Village residence for artists. Rarely seen by his neighbors, the day came when a terrible odor alerted a security guard. The police were summoned and it took three sweeps to discover Shunk’s body trapped upside down in a hoard of accumulations piled to the ce...
  • HARRY'S GIFT: A New York Story
    HARRY'S GIFT: A New York Story
    Posted by : Alexandra Isles
    Harry Shunk, and his partner Janos Kender, had been succesful photographers who documented the works and performances of such well-known conceptual artists as Christo, Yves Klein, Niki deSaint-Phalle and Andy Warhol. After Kender left him, Shunk retreated from the world, became a hoarder, and eventually died alone, forgotten and without heirs. When Darryl Kelly was hired to clean out the apartmen...