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  • The Guitar
    The Guitar
    Posted by : Hunter James Cox
    A Grandfather struggles to let music back into his life after losing his musical partner. His Grandson is the only person who can set things right and restore the family.
  • Fields of Hope
    Fields of Hope
    The inspiring true story / documentary of Jarred Troy Regis, Kenneth Imperial and Julius Coringcoting are the best football players of Barangay San Jose, a coastal village of about 14,000 people that was nearly wiped off the map when Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) hit Tacloban on November 8, 2013. Having survived the storm, like the rest of their team, called the RTR All Stars, theyâ€...
  • The Two Dollar Bill Documentary
    The Two Dollar Bill Documentary
    Posted by : John Bennardo
    Not only are $2 bills still made, they're fascinating! See how they're used, where they've been, the superstitions surrounding them, the amazing ways they connect people and more.
  • Dying to Live
    Dying to Live
    Posted by : Ilya
    After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Jesse bonds with a much older patient who teaches him that there is no time like the present to live his dreams.
    Posted by : Joe Looby
    THE YEAR OF THE TIGER is a three-part documentary focusing on presidential decision-making in the nuclear era. In Part I - JFK 1962: During the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK would have to decide whether to protect millions of Americans or millions of people trapped 110 miles behind the Iron Curtain.
  • Hole In The Wall
    Hole In The Wall
    Posted by : Allison Freed
    A struggling Mexican-American taco chef decides to turn his family’s American dream into a reality by luring New York’s chicest food critic to Spanish Harlem before a scheming culinary counterfeiter unlocks the secret to his secret sauce.
  • Freebie
    Posted by : Angela Atwood
    Who does your lover think you are?
  • "Hide The Sausage"
    "Hide The Sausage"
    Posted by : Joe Benedetto
    Eddie "The Sausage" Zambri has been released from prison after serving eight years. He must avoid all the wrong people, make amends with his daughter, see his father, and then leave the country forever. It's a gritty crime noir shot in black and white.
  • The Sun Is Rising (le soleil se lève)
    The Sun Is Rising (le soleil se lève)
    Posted by : Lloyd Frost
    From naiveté to awareness, a man looks at armed conflict and two terrorism attacks: at the National War Memorial in Canada and the Charlie Hebdo attack three months later.
  • East of Hollywood
    East of Hollywood
    Posted by : Chris Caccioppoli
    Ken Chang is ready for the American dream. The only trouble is that he’s just too American. So in order to land a role on a network TV Show, Ken undergoes Actor “Orientalification” to prove that he can be Asian enough to make it in Hollywood. Shot as a mocumentary, East of Hollywood follows Ken as he takes Mandarin lessons, learns martial arts, and even attempts to thicken his accent just so...
    Posted by : Alfredo
    "CADENA PERPETUA" is a psychological thriller that would leave the audience fixed into their seats. It tells the story of a psychoanalyst called in to interrogate and evaluate a young man accused of a hideous crime committed against a minor. During the course of the session, the analyst will discover a truth that will take the audience to an unexpected finale.
  • Prick
    Posted by : Lisanne Sartor
    A burglar stuck in a closet during a robbery finds out way more about himself than he wants to know and more about the couple he's robbing than they know themselves.
  • Aerial Appalachia
    Aerial Appalachia
    The project features some of the most well known events, scenic locations, and tourist attractions in Watauga and Avery Counties in all of the seasons. Watauga County and surrounding areas have some of the most beautiful portions of the Appalachian Mountain chain.
  • Manhattan Film Festival
    Manhattan Film Festival
    The Manhattan Film Festival is dedicated to developing and discovering new ways to help filmmakers pursue a career out of filmmaking. In the process we introduce filmmakers and their work to new and expanding audiences.
  • Writer's Cramp Feature Screening
    Writer's Cramp Feature Screening
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Scott and Amy, an overly imaginative husband and wife pair of would-be-writers, are living off the waning generosity of Scott's wealthy father. When he threatens to cut them off, they hatch a plan to commit the perfect murder and collect Daddy's inheritance. Unfortunately for the bumbling couple, their efforts are discovered by Amy's mischievous pre-teen niece and nephew. The ineptitude of the adu...
  • Mr. Thunderbird In Rod We Trust
    Mr. Thunderbird In Rod We Trust
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    A short documentary about the beloved MN landmark known as the Thunderbird Hotel, and the man who created & ran it for 42 years.
  • Is This Heaven?
    Is This Heaven?
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Good enough for the Hall of Fame but without a headstone, Pete Hill has been nearly forgotten. Piecing together his story uncovers injustice, struggle, and one of the greatest ballplayers of all time. “Is This Heaven?” is the most complete telling of Pete Hill's life and storied baseball career in the Negro leagues. It's a full length documentary that will shed light on an amazing ballplayer w...
  • 2016 FROZEN Film Festival
    2016 FROZEN Film Festival
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Presented by the St. Paul Film Festival as an official event of the St. Paul Winter Carnival (, "FFF" will take place February 5-7, 2016. It will be a celebration of independent film created by filmmakers from around the world, held in North America's most romantic city, ST. PAUL, MN as a 2016 addition to the Saint Paul Winter Carnival and a winter version of th...
  • BarStudy
    Posted by : Raghav
    The only thing that fascinates Rob in this world is people. Things go crazy when his fascination with people will put him under circumstances where he might end up killing somebody.
    Posted by : Benjamin Watkins
    SHOOTER follows Sam, a news cameraman, as he covers a story about the accidental killing of a young girl. When Renee, a news anchor, sees the opportunity to get a once-in-a-lifetime coverage of the scene, she persuades Sam to cross a line both ethically and morally. This choice haunts him as events reveal to Sam his callused heart. Sam must make a decision whether or not to air the footage. Knowin...