Career Opportunities

Independent Features is currently seeking partners with experience in business developement, finance, and marketing. We are looking for entrepreneurs interested in an opportunity to build a company that will shake up the film industry. See our vision below:
Independent Features levels the playing field for independent filmmakers by giving them an opportunity to cast A-list talent. It opens the doors for everyday people to invest in films featuring their favorite stars. It brings transparency to crowdfunding. The entire process can be tracked in real-time. Filmmakers can post jobs and receive bids from industry professionals. The entire cast and crew can be assembled on Independent Features. The employer and employee can rate each other after a job is complete. Licensing music for film can sometimes be complicated. Not anymore. Music can be sampled, downloaded, and licensed right from our site. Book a theater as simple as There is even a featured zero-down option. Tickets can be sold straight from the site. It even tracks daily, weekly, and all-time box office results. This powerful platform was built to change the film industry forever.
If you see yourself being part of this vision we would love to hear from you. You can reach us at