About Us


Philip J. Nelson is an entrepreneur, writer, and producer. He was first honored by Congressman Jim Ramstad as a top young entrepreneur. He is currently the Director of the Manhattan Film Festival, founder of Independent Features, and author of the book After Every Dark Night: A Memoir of Perseverance & Redemption. He was born and raised in Saint Paul, MN and attended Humboldt High School. He later attended the University of Wisconsin River Falls. While in college he produced the feature film Promise of a New Day. After college he went into banking and was a mortgage broker in the years leading up to the 2008 Financial Crisis. It was at this time he used the former home of gangster Ma Barker to plot a career in film. Since 2008 he and his family reside in New York City.


Independent Features was built to facilitate all stages of the filmmaking cycle. Through Independent Features, filmmakers can utilize the JOBS Act to raise investment dollars for their films. In short, the JOBS Act was signed into law to let entrepreneurs us crowdfunding as a vehicle for investment. Instead of offering cheap perks, they can offer an investment opportunity for their production. To improve their chances of funding, they can sign a marketable star. Unlike other platforms we offer a high level of transparency. After the funding is received, filmmakers can use the site to post jobs, receive bids from industry professionals, license music for use in film, book theaters, and sell tickets. This entire process can be tracked online by investors. Unlike anything else in the marketplace.